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Kids Jiu-jitsu and Boxing + Agility

What is jiu-jitsu?

Jiu-jitsu is a martial art focused on grappling techniques for both self-defense and sport. Kicks and punches are not practiced. Instead, jiu-jitsu uses techniques which make use of leverage and timing to takedown a larger opponent and control them on the ground.


Why jiu-jitsu?

Kids will develop coordination, agility, balance, fitness and self-defense skills through a curriculum structured around drills, movements and games built from Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques. Students will also build self-confidence, respect for their training partners and an ability to concentrate and follow instructions.


Program Description

We offer classes catered towards two different age groups. Our  group (ages 4-8) uses drills and mini-games to introduce children to movements and techniques relevant to the self-defense applications of jiu-jitsu. These classes develop real world skills in a safe and fun environment.
Our older group (ages 9+) continues to develop these skills in a class structured more similarly to a typical adult class. In addition to self-defense, sport oriented techniques are introduced for those interested in participating in competition.

Boxing and Agility 

This program focuses on engaging children and youth through the art of boxing. We provide an opportunity to learn and develop boxing skills including agility, coordination, footwork, bag work, pad work and sportsmanship. Learning to box is so much more than the physicality of the sport. It teaches perseverance, determination, work ethic, confidence and self-worth. Classes will cover footwork, boxing stances, basic punching technique and, most importantly, how to have fun in the sport.


Class Fees:  Monthly payments (charged the month of registration)

1 class a week: $90+ HST / month 
2 classes a week: $120+ HST / month
3+ classes a week: $140+ HST / month


(Starting September 12th)

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