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Kids Jiu-jitsu


What is jiu-jitsu?

Jiu-jitsu is a martial art focused on grappling techniques for both self-defense and sport. Kicks and punches are not practiced. Instead, jiu-jitsu uses techniques which make use of leverage and timing to takedown a larger opponent and control them on the ground.



Why jiu-jitsu?

Kids will develop coordination, agility, balance, fitness and self-defense skills through a curriculum structured around drills, movements and games built from Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques. Students will also build self-confidence, respect for their training partners and an ability to concentrate and follow instructions.



Our programs

We offer classes catered towards two different age groups. Our younger group (ages 3-8) uses drills and mini-games to introduce children to movements and techniques relevant to the self-defense applications of jiu-jitsu. These classes develop real world skills in a safe and fun environment. 


Our older group (ages 9+) continues to develop these skills in a class structured more similarly to a typical adult class. In addition to self-defense, sport oriented techniques are introduced for those interested in participating in competition.




Ages 3-8 - Tuesday and Wednesday from 4:15-5 pm, Sundays from 1:15-2 pm
Ages 9+ - Tuesday and Wednesday from 5-6 pm, Sundays from 2-3 pm


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